County Buildings (rooms 2 & 3)

70 Rosetta Road

Peebles EH45 8HQ

Tel: 01721 400616


Soul Restore Counselling is a service offered to Peebles with funding support from St Andrews Leckie. Counsellors with the service have a Diploma in Counselling recognised by the professional body COSCA. Our Counsellors are of Christian faith, and our service is open to all faiths and none.

We provide one to one sessions with a Counsellor, with each session lasting around 50 minutes. After an initial meeting, you may be offered regular hourly sessions on a set day per week. The counselling process may last between 6 – 18 sessions on average, and the number of sessions will be reviewed at session 6 by you and your Counsellor. The client commitment to this process is key and the process requires regular attendance. There is complete confidentiality unless there is a risk of harm.

What is Counselling

  • Confidential
  • A place to explore present or past problems
  • Allowing you to reach a new perspective
  • Making your own decisions
  • Growth in Self Awareness
  • Self forgiveness and forgiving others
  • Laying down of burdens

Counselling may help with physical symptoms of depression and/or anxiety by talking things through. Clients speak of feeling more genuinely ‘Who they are’ as the layers are uncovered.
At times it can lead to change, in your attitudes, thinking, or lifestyle choices. It is not advice or anyone else’s opinion.
To see if Counselling is for you, contact Soul Restore Counselling and make an enquiry.

Who is Counselling for?

Just about anyone. It does not have to be when you are ill or finding it hard to function. However you may be struggling emotionally and a situation, relationship, or past event seem overwhelming.

People come for Counselling for all sorts of reasons:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bereavement
  • Loss
  • Identity
  • Low self esteem
  • Dealing with Anger
  • Work related problems
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Past Trauma or abuse


St Andrews Leckie have subsidised this Counselling service as part of their commitment to the local community.

We do encourage donations to help cover the costs of running the service, an amount would be agreed at the initial meeting per session. We will work with those who cannot donate.
Suggested donation based on Income:

£10k – £15k = £5 – £10 per session

£15k – £20k = £15 per session

£20k – £30k = £25 per session

£30k – £45k = £40

Unemployed and students £5 – £10


“Counselling is done in a sensitive, caring, and loving way. I feel blessed by it, revealing things in my life. It is cleansing me and freeing me, from things which have kept me bound and caused me physical problems.”

“I find Counselling has helped me by having the listening ear of someone caring, and very supportive. They are helping me to look at the situation and understand it better. Soul Restore is an oasis in the desert, at a time when one is overwhelmed by thirst. It provides a safe place to rebalance and ‘Restore’ one’s inner spirit.”

“I found a warm welcome, professional counselling and a real bond, where I felt valued and my needs were expertly met at Soul Restore. The surroundings are thoughtfully set up to instil a sense of peace and tranquillity

Who We Are

The Vision of St Andrews Leckie is to be a place of Restoration.  As part of this, we are providing the Community with a Professional Counselling Service.  All of our counsellors are members of COSCA, and have completed or are near completion of a Diploma in Counselling (or similar).  Our Counsellors and reception staff are of Christian faith but our service is open to all faiths and none.


Soul Restore Counselling operates from private rooms in the County Buildings of Peebles. There is a secure side entrance and parking.
Currently we are open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday by appointment only.

tel: 01721 400 616
Head of Counselling:
Janice Pace, Diploma Counselling,
COSCA Counsellor Member